2023 Dive Lab Invite Results

March 7, 2023

Hello SDC Family!

I am incredibly proud of the exceptional performance of our divers at the recent Dive Lab invite in Novato. Watching them excel early in the season was truly inspiring and a testament to the countless hours of training they have put in. Their hard work and dedication truly paid off as they executed flawless dives and achieved impressive scores. Seeing our team come together and support each other in their successes was gratifying.

We look forward to building upon this momentum as we train and compete.
Huge thanks to our incredible coaches for all their hard work and dedication. And, of course, to all parents for their patience and support.


A few highlights from the meet:

  • Men, Women, and Overall Team Champion
  • Tyler Wilson earned three 10’s on 5132d on 3m
  • Misha Andriyuk earned two 10’s on 405c on 3m
  • 1st place winners: Misha Andriyuk (16-18) on 1m and 3m, Seraphine Ash (FC L3 & 5) on 1m and 3m, Blake Farrell (FC L3) on 3m, Nathaniel Lee (14-15) on 3m, Natalie Liu (FC L8) on 1m, Isla Maayeh (FC L5) on 3m, Sophia Narbut (12-13) on 1m and 3m, Emerson Peters (FC L3) on 1m, Tyler Wilson (12-13) on 1m and 3m,
  • 2nd place winners: Krish Chetty (FC L1) on 1m, Hunter Dempsey (FC L5) on 1m, Gunnar Grubbs (16-18) on 1m and 3m, Johnathan Gullick (14-15) on 3m, Jackson Phannenstiel (FC L8) on 1m, Liam Ta (FC L5) on 3m, Scarlett Wiens (FC L5 & 8) on 1m and 3m,
  • 3rd place winners: Jensen Craig (14-15) on 3m, Blake Farrell (FC L5) on 1m, Johnathan Gullick (14-15) on 1m, Natalie Liu (FC L5) on 3m, Isla Maayeh (12-13) on 1m, Benjamin Riney (FC L3) on 3m, Milo Switzer (FC L8) on 1m

For more detailed results please visit 2023 Dive Labe Invite Results



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