2023 Davis Diving Pre-Region Invitational

May 8, 2023

On the last weekend in March, 38 Stanford Dive Club divers (25 girls; 13 boys) showed their athletic prowess, competing JO events Saturday, and Future Champions (FC) events Sunday, at the 2023 Davis Diving Pre-Region Invitational. An especially challenging meet as most divers competed 1m and 3m the same day, and for most FC divers, in the same event!

A few highlights from the meet:

  • 1st place winners: Seraphine Ash (FC L5 G 1m & L3 G 3m); Lucy Bothe (FC L6 G 1m); Phillip Bulankov (FC L6 B 1m & L3 B 3m); Jensen Craig (14-15 B JO 1m & 3m); Hunter Dempsey (FC L5 B 1m); Ava Goh (FC L8 G 3m); Rowan Hoffman (FC L4 Girls 3m); Eden Karon (FC L2 G 3m); Emma Marquardt (FC L8 G 1m); Milo Switzer (FC L6 B 3m); Liam Ta (FC L5 B 3m); August Ulveling (FC L3 B 1m); Scarlett Wiens (12-13 G JO 1m & FC L7 G 3m).
  • 2nd place winners: Libby Berger (FC L4 G 1m); Allison Gentile-joyce (FC L5 G 1m); Rowan Hoffman (FC L6 G 1m); Yarin Hugenmatter (FC L3 B 3m); Emma Marquardt (FC L5 G 3m); Benji Riney (FC L5 B 1m); Jordan Sun (FC L6 B 1m); Milo Switzer (FC L8 B 1m).
  • 3rd place winners: Lucy Bothe (FC L5 G 3m); Hunter Dempsey (FC L3 B 3m); Rowan Hoffman (FC L7 G 1m); Tyler Kirby (FC L5 B 1m); Darshna Krishnan (FC L2 G 3m); Ava Lo (FC L4 G 1m); Elizabeth Moravick (FC L5 G 1m & L3 G 3m); Elise Riney (FC L3 G 1m); Jordan Sun (FC L6 B 3m).
  • Stanford Diving Club team: 1st Place Boys/Girls and Overall!

See attached details of SDC individual diver results, and 2023 Davis Diving Invite detailed results on DiveMeets.

Check out 2023 Davis Diving Pre-Region Invite photo album.



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